"Hatching Twitter" : Accidentally Connecting Everything

“Hatching Twitter” : Accidentally Connecting Everything

My mum always says, ‘accidents happen’. (Actually, no. She’d give me a smack over the head and tell me to go clean it up.) So, I can’t help but wonder. How is it that the tagline of Nick Bilton’s “Hatching Twitter” claims that ‘a fledgling start-up “accidentally” changed the world’.   How do you ‘accidentally’ change …

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"Hatching Twitter": 4 Things I Didn’t Know About Twitter

“Hatching Twitter”: 4 Things I Didn’t Know About Twitter

I’m not an old person, yet the ever-present iron-ic taste of nostalgia in Bilton’s Hatching Twitter is evident even to me. He strings together a tale of four very different – and extremely human – threads: Biz, Jack, Ev and Noah, the founders of Twitter. In a sense, Hatching Twitter is a yester-yesteryear book, because Twitter is *now*. Only Twitter …

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NEW ARTICLE SERIES: Nick Bilton's "Hatching Twitter"

Nick Bilton’s “Hatching Twitter” : A Intriguing New Article Series!

From tomorrow in our blog article series about Nick Bilton‘s “Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal”! The book is written as narrative non-fiction and offers a fascinating story from the beginning to the end. Although it has its fair share of drama and palace intrigue, the story explores some important …

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Desk setup. Attendance tracking

Post-it® notes, Desk Calendars, Excel and Staff Attendance Tracking App Full Comparison. Finally, someone says which is better

One of the first HR-related jobs I had, while I was still in the Finance Department of the organization I worked for, was maintaining the attendance tracking records. I was terribly pleased with myself, having had this important new responsibility bestowed upon me just a few short months into my tenure. Little did I know …

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Vacation planning habits in different countries

What constitutes vacation planning? For most of my vacations, my planning consisted of looking for a good deal on transportation and lodging rates, finding attractions to visit at my destination to visit, and identifying places to have a good meal. As an HR director responsible for employee scheduling and time-off management, I’ve known plenty of …

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Dale rowing in the park

Time Management in the Future

A while back, I wrote about what time management looked like a hundred years ago. The military’s need to be able to coordinate its numerous activities, for example, spurred the development of a reliable sturdy wristwatch to replace the cumbersome and delicate pocket watch, and industry’s need to reduce how long it took to make …

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5 ways to motivate your staff

5 Ways to Motivate Your Staff

If you want to motivate your staff, give or promise them something of value, and then follow through on your promise. There’s no shortage of scholarly research that shows that people generally respond better to positive reinforcement. There may be a place for negativity – threats and punishment – but I personally don’t know of …

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