Are you getting the most of your talent? Are you setting the stage for the innovators of tomorrow? Are you celebrating exceptional contributions to build employee loyalty? The CakeHR performance management module helps you answer these questions, & then turn the insights into constant improvement for your biggest asset - your people.

Goals / OKRs

Traditional goal setting is broken. Progressive businesses let Objectives & Key Results lead the way. Set aspirational goals that challenge your workforce, keep track of progress & align team efforts with your company vision.

Goals okrs

360 tagasiside

51% of workers believe performance reviews are inaccurate. 360 feedback eliminates suspicions of bias by allowing employees to paint a holistic view of their own performance with inputs from peers, managers & subordinates, gathered transparently throughout the year.

360 feedback

Üks ühele kohtumised

Mapping strengths & weaknesses is not enough. With convenient & discreet 1-to-1 meeting scheduling, managers work on the roadblocks holding talent back & pave the way for employees to rise up the ladder at work.

1 to 1 meetings


Give the people who drive your business forward a voice.

CakeHR surveys can be set to be anonymous, filled out on mobile devices & aggregate employee sentiment to help you gauge the satisfaction & engagement of your talent.


Kiire tagasiside

Make performance management human by encouraging spontaneous communication.

Quick feedback lets employees seek the informed opinion of the people they trust the most or give a quick praise to anyone in the company, with just a few clicks.

Quick feedback

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