Our end-to-end recruitment software accelerates the recruitment process with automated tracking, on-demand applicant screening, easily accessible data with mobile optimisation, advanced analytics and seamless integration with other CakeHR modules.

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Easily manage each stage of hiring with this pipeline tool. Visualise your pipeline with simple drag and drop interface to easily organise, track & streamline the whole recruitment process.


Unique landing pages

Make your Company stand out & attract top talent with a unique landing page to focus on specific campaigns & promote new job openings.


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Schedule interviews with candidates directly from the system & automatically sync with Outlook Calendar.


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Make better evidence-based hiring decisions with custom scorecards, unify your selection process & comply with legal regulations. Easily identify who has the skills and attributes most suited to each role.


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Time to fill, hiring velocity, activity, friend referral & other reports - giving you power to make better & more informed hiring decisions with actionable insights.


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Unlimited applicants
Unlimited pipelines
Custom pipeline stages
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Landing page designer
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Pipeline stage triggers
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