How can CakeHR help me manage my people remotely? Our user-friendly and mobile-ready HR software helps you remotely track, manage and engage with your employees as easily as you do in the office.


The eSignature feature enables you and your team to sign documents electronically. Should you need to share the document with multiple signatories, then you can easily add additional names by selecting an add recipient option. The perfect response to increasing demands to leverage the power of digital processes that can support remote working, by replacing the need to be physically located in the same place.

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The Announcements feature in CakeHR has been designed to help you share important news quickly with the entire company. This feature is a great addition for news that is too important to risk your employees missing and will drive greater engagement across teams who are remotely dispersed from each other.


Organisational chart

Your company’s org chart is automatically built based on which employee is reporting to whom. Set up direct managers on your org chart to control who approves time off requests.

Org chart

Darbplūsmu rīks ("Receptes")

Using recipes, you can create custom workflows that are automated after specific actions. Adding a new recipe opens a custom workflow builder in a simple, sentence-based form.


Precīza un sakārtota HR informācijas datubāze

Saglabā darbinieku vēsturisko informāciju un piekļūsti tai jebkurā laikā.

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Pielāgojami lauki

Izveido un saglabā jebkāda veida datus.

Core custom fields

Kopīgota uzņēmuma informācija

Build transparency within your team with a shared vacation calendar. You can choose what information colleagues can see about each other.

Self service shared company details

Vairākas valodas

Izmanto CakeHR angļu, spāņu, krievu, latviešu, igauņu, čehu, poļu un taju valodā

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